Seniors Inter-Club and Internal Matches

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Jim Holmes, seen pictured left,will offer you are very warm welcome to the join ranks of enthusiastic senior golfers competing regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.It's great fun and provides the opportunity for you to forge new and long lasting friendships.
See you on the first tee.
Best wishes,

Playing with the Seniors

We have a very healthy Seniors Section (both in terms of numbers & physically). Regular roll-ups are Wednesday & Friday mornings and there is a full programme of Inter-Club friendly matches throughout the season. You will normally find several of them hanging around the bar - say hi and ask to be pointed in the direction of Seniors Organiser Jeff Wayling
His telephone contact numbers are:
Home 01189 701708
Mobile 07973 759908

Latest News

December 2018

This is my first opportunity to formally introduce myself to you as your new Senior Golfers' Organsiser. I feel a burden of responsibility to ensure I maintain the high standards set by all of my predecessors especially Bob Lycett who has relinquished the role which he has performed excellently for the past two and a half years. I sincerely hope that you will notice no appreciable difference in performance as I will adopting Bob's tried and tested systems, honed to perfection during his occupancy of the crease.

With regard to selecting players to represent Bishopswood for the 2019 program of matches I will continue to mix pairings to engender and maintain a cohesive team spirit. To the best of my ability I will ensure there will be equal playing opportunities for those declaring their match availability. I hope you agree that our club match policy should be to have an enjoyable and fun packed day on the course followed later by more of the same in the bar and clubhouse. Our priority must be to host and entertain our guests, to showcase our wonderful facilities and for them to leave having thoroughly enjoyed the Bishopwood experience. If by chance, after all the fun and laughter, we win a match then it will be considered a bonus.

On the theme of club matches you may or may not be aware that local clubs with whom we have a relationship are undergoing a degree of upheaval. One of the clubs, Dummer will be purchased by Basingstoke. I spoke with my opposite number at Dummer, he advised that by 2020 they would not exist; he stated however that our 2019 fixtures should be honoured but could not give a 100% guarantee. Tylney Hall contacted me to advise that, due to a lack of resource, they wish to play us once a year. I consented to their request and we agreed that the annual match would be played in July , home and away, commencing at Tylney in July next year. Against this backdrop of uncertainty I took the initiative to try and form new relationships with other clubs. I contacted Calcot, Weybrook Park and Mapledurham Gof Clubs. Weybrook stated that they will be delighted to play us. Mapledurham are considering our approach, I am quietly optimistic they will agree. However, Calcot stated that they are not interested in entering into any arrangement with us whatsoever.

With regard to current issues and news, the recent mixed Christmas Celebration was a magnificent success. The festive costumes on view were colourful and bright, highly attractive, illuminated and in some cases "eye popping". The bleak wet weather conditions could not possibly dampen our spirits. One and all enjoyed the sumptuous food and fare on offer. The dining room and tables were tastefully decorated helping to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. The Senior Gentlemen offer Jenny Lycett and her ladies our warmest and sincerest thanks for organising a wonderful, enjoyable and unforgettable party. Congratulations also go to the day's prize winners.

On the subject of prize winners, I wish to offer my congratulations to the following seniors who have been successful this year. If I have missed anyone then please let me know and you will receive a credit in the next newsletter. In no particular order. Winner of Division B, Bob Mitchell, Seniors Knockout Winner Graham Pickup, Isabella Quaich Winner Kevin Fleet, Seniors Stableford Cup Winner Norman Paget, Friday 18 hole Stableford Winner, George Quinton, Presidents Putter Winner Norman Paget. Other outstanding performance worthy of note were recorded by seniors playing in a 71 strong field competing in the 2018 Club Player of the Year Event. Well done Peter Wilson who finished in 3rd place and also to Jim Holmes who finished in strong 6th place, an excellent effort.

With regards to "Roll up news". The group appears to be going from strength to strength with numbers increasing week by week. Jim and Phil, our unsung heroes, continue to lead and manage in a seamless fashion. Congratulations to Derek Abby who proved himself to be the most consistent golfer throughout the 2018 season. He won the Alan Willets Shield awarded to the golfer recording the highest number of stableford points throughout the season. Well done Derek!!
On a less joyous note I report that a contingent of more than 15 golfing friends recently attended the funeral of John Davenport at the Thatcham Crematorium. I did not have the pleasure of knowing John personally, but I have been reliably informed that he was a much loved, loyal and respected Bishopswood member for many years. He was a competitive club match player and a roll up regular. He will be remembered with fondness and greatly missed by his many friends and admirers.

On a personal note I wish to close by thanking all of you who have offered me their support and assistance in the months ahead. Don't worry I will be calling on you to perform various functions to ensure things run smoothly. Already I am in the debt of Peter McNeillie who so splendidly organised the collection for the tribute cards and the bouquet of flowers presented to Jenny Lycett. Peter, I offer you my limitless thanks.

Please do not hesitate to approach me if you have a suggestion, a problem or an issue that needs attention or correction. I will do all in my power on your behalf.

All that remains is to wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2019.

Jeff Wayling
Seniors Organiser

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