Presidents Update

Well here we are, another Summer of golf coming to a close, and what a Summer, burnt fairways, perfect greens, very little rough and the copses cleared. A few of you will be reflecting on that lower handicap through the Winter.

Summer knockouts are fast approaching conclusion and congratulations to those who have already crossed the winning line and good luck to those waiting to play their finals. I look forward to seeing you all at the Presentation Dinner in January. A huge thank you to all who took part.

Interesting times are coming in the golfing world. If you have been reading the newsletters sent out by our secretary Martin you will be aware that the New Golf Rules 2019 have been published. You can collect your free copy from the pro shop. Have a good read and start the discussion among your mates, you’ll be amazed how much you thought you knew. They come into effect on the 1st January 2019.
Following on from that the New World Handicap System is nearly ready to be introduced. Australia are the Guinea Pigs and go live in January 2019. Providing all goes well it will be introduced in the UK in 2020. Detailed information will be released throughout the next few months, keep your eye out for updates from your secretary.

Although our club year is coming to a conclusion there are still some great social events to support.
Malcolm has by popular request compiled yet another Music Quiz to confound and delight you, this will be held on Friday 19th October and it is likely to be hugely popular so please indicate your interest behind the bar.
The finale of Malcolm’s year is the Captains Ball, to take place on Saturday 17th November.
These events are not to be missed, it’s a chance to put your best kit on and have a wonderful meal with your friends and family and sit back and enjoy fantastic live entertainment. Malcolm and Debbie usually throw in a few surprises so come along and support them. Again there are booking sheets behind the bar to indicate your interest and tickets etc. will be available soon.

The conclusion of the year is as always the Annual General Meeting to be held in the Amcrest Suite on Thursday 29th November. It is an important event as it reviews the previous year and sets the tone for the following year. Along with changes to Committee, a new Captain is enthroned and a new Vice Captain unveiled. Your attendance is essential as your vote is needed to appoint new committee members.
On that subject, have you ever thought you would like to help shape the future or assist in the running of this great club of ours, well you can . All you have to do is collect a nomination form ( available soon). If you need to know more drop me an email or grab me in the bar for a chat.

That’s all for now.
I look forward to seeing you at one or more of the upcoming events.
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