President's journal

With so many courses and clubs competing in a limited market, I have often thought to myself what makes the difference between the ones that are thriving and the ones that are just surviving.

Besides the blatantly obvious reasons of strong business plans, long term master plans, and competent management and committees, what is the X factor that differentiates these facilities.

Many clubs and members will blame their problems on the facilities, rather than looking deeper to realise what the club should always be about.
It should be about the camaraderie of the membership and the joy of playing golf.
With professional staff on hand throughout the establishment from the pro shop supplying lessons, to the clubhouse looking after the needs of the individuals, I wanted to look at what the main reasons are that a person would want to spend a fair amount of their day at the golf club.

You would be made to feel welcome and be part of the place, every time you set foot in the clubhouse.
You would feel like heading down to the golf course when you have some free time, and you would enjoy taking your friends and family along with you.

I feel we quite often brush over these problems and blame it on the fact there is a big-name course down the road.
The real issue, however, is to remember why the golf club was formed in the first place, and that is to play the great game of golf in an environment in which you feel comfortable, and with people you enjoy spending time with.
There should no longer be an us and them attitude when we are all striving towards the same end:
A successful golfing venue.
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