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It’s that time of year to reflect on what’s happened in the Junior Section.
We currently have 14 junior members which is 2 less than we had at the same time last year. However, rather than be disappointed, I am pleased to report all of these juniors have taken an active part in the activities offered by the Club, which cannot be said of in the past. All these juniors attended the regular fortnightly coaching, resulting in the range often full up which is great to see. I must express my warmest thanks to Steve Ward for the brilliant work he does with the juniors and helping them improve their skills.
There are 9 boys and 5 girls within our junior membership and we have another girl who comes to our coaching sessions, who is clearly very talented and who, I hope, will join us next year. I do believe girl golf is going to grow further, especially when you see Georgina Hall and Charlie Hull doing so well in world golf.
Talking of girls, I do not have enough ink to keep up with Gemma Burgess. Just recently she achieved her target of becoming a single figure handicap player and now plays off 9. She plays in numerous open events, some of which she has won, plays for the County, went to America and plays in club knock-outs and medals. She even played for us in some of the league matches and was best girl. Phew, a girl with passion for the game and, who knows, another Georgia in the making.
Bishopswood is a member of a Junior League consisting of another 7 clubs. Each club acts as host and invite up to 6 players from visiting clubs. This year we have seen record attendances as over 40 players have been involved for some of the matches. Bishopswood did really well, finishing in 3rd place. Jamie Ryan, Junior Captain, proudly led the team out on most occasions and was gutted when he could not attend the match when we were hosting at Bishopswood, due to a family wedding. As mentioned, best girl in the league was Gemma, however Louie Walker lost on countback, scoring 130 points for his best three cards, to just miss out on best boy category and got pipped by Thomas Carroll from Sherfield Oaks.
In August, Bishopswood were the league host and where we also play for the Whale Trophy which is sponsored by Graham Smith. The winner this year was our very own Fred Gill, who scored a remarkable 45 points and gave us all an excellent speech.
Whilst mentioning sponsors, I would like to thank Mick Davies for sponsoring the new very yellow team shirts, so don’t forget to give him a call when you need your driveway done!!! The team looks brilliant, except when the black fly were around, and you can see them wearing the shirts from miles away.

I cannot conclude this report without mentioning the other support I get within this section. The juniors are now getting fully involved with other club competitions due to Kevin Fleet. He takes them out onto the course on a regular basis with his ‘get togethers’. He encourages those who are ready to play in medals and stableford events, and the various family events that are run by the Club. He also works hard to make sure the juniors understand the rules and, more importantly, the etiquette of golf. Kevin, thank you very much. I would also like to thank Roy Darch for his constant interest in this section. His photography is brilliant and he is so encouraging to all the juniors as well as his son, Flynn. Like Kevin, he will often go out with other juniors to help them enjoy playing our wonderful course. Roy, thank you very much. Finally, to all the parents whose support is vital and who ensure their children attend the coaching, matches and everything else we try to provide. As my job title suggests, whilst I try and “organise”, it is all the other elements hinted at above which makes this a great section to be involved with.
Thank you all,
Junior Organiser

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