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Bishopswood Juniors Top the League

Junior League Winners 2019

The results are in and yes, Bishopswood are winners of the Hampshire & Berkshire Junior League 2019.
The results showed Bishopswood were consistent performers all year, gaining good points in every event. Under the captaincy of Fred congratulations go to everyone who has played in the league this year and the fantastic support you have given Bishopswood Golf Club.
The final placings were : 1st Bishopswood 40, 2nd Dummer 35, 3rd Hampshire 34, 4th Sandford Springs 29, 5th Hartley Wintney 26, 6th Wokefield Estate 23, and 7th Oak Park 10.
Our girls, Eleanor and Emily were the foundation to this win and battled it out all year for the ‘best girl’ position. Eleanor was pipped to the post by her good friend Emily, by just one point. Both girls played fantastically all year and both should be very proud of themselves.
The boys namely Fred, the Team Captain, along with Sam, Josh, Flynn and Louie worked very hard to contribute to the team score and had a great year. We are expecting them to continue their golfing improvements for the rest of the year and be major players in our league team next season.
Bishopswood are still a very young team and have a lot of development still to go. Their regular coach, Steve, is the key to our progress and the Club’s investment in this area is well justified.

Junior News July 2019

An interesting statistic is that we have 12 junior members of which 50% are girls. A number of them play in the junior league and have no problem and, indeed, enjoy competing against the boys. Gemma who now plays off a 5 handicap won in July the Hampshire Girls County Championships at Lee on Solent shooting 87 and the 76 gross to be the top player. Eleanor Walker and Emily Nichols played for us in the junior league match at the Hampshire and scored 51 points each! Eleanor has finished 1st twice in two league matches as has Emily and both are competing against each other for best girl in the league. These girls' handicaps have fallen rapidly this year and they are still very hungry for competitive golf. 'Wow girl golf' is on the up so tell your friends to get involved!

Not to be missed out, the boys are also improving quickly as well and together as a combined girl/boy team are leaders in the league against the other 6 clubs. All our squad, which is Captained by Fred Gill who continues to play well, have contributed to the league results so my congratulations also go to Flynn who is having a very solid year putting in consistent results and is normally in the top three Bishopswood performers, and was top player at the very difficult Oak Park, where again he excelled; Louie Walker who is hugely talented and I expect to be another Tom Vaughan; Josh Cable who is rapidly learning how to play league golf, and a well done to Sam who shot over 40 points at the Hampshire and 37 points at Bishopswood and is only 9 years old! In addition of course our girls who I have already mentioned. The league season is nearly over and we go to Wokefield Estates for the last game with a three point lead, so I am keeping my fingers crossed we get over the line and win the league!

Our biggest event of the year is the Whale Trophy where our team and players from all the league clubs play for the Whale Shield. Our member Graham Whale Smith has been sponsoring this event for the last 15 years as he has seen the benefit of his own children developing not just their golf but their characters as a result of junior golf at Bishopswood. I never ceased to be surprised with all the prizes Graham purchases and I know the juniors are amazed that someone can be so supportive. Thank you, Graham, I know you love supporting the development of junior golf which is very much appreciated. Whilst on "thank you's, I would also like to thank Roy Ward for attending the start and the presentation that took place after the match. I know you were impressed with what you saw and having you there is also very much appreciated.

In term of results our very own Jamie Ryan won for the second time in three years. Due to study work we had hardly seen Jamie and this was his first major singles event that I can recall. He won by a mile with 49 points and his handicap has fallen by 5 shots. I hope this good golf continues now you do not have the stress of exams. Winning the gross trophy and prize was Dummer player, Isaac Haines, shooting gross 80 and beating Gemma by one shot. The net trophy was won by Ewan Small from The Hampshire with 38 points. The biggest cheer went to Fred Gill who gave a great speech alongside Graham and Roy and should be very proud of himself.

That's my lot for now until my end of season report around late September. I will however let you know how we get on in our last league game so watch this space.


Martin Smith
Junior Organiser.

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