Update from the Captain

Captain’s Log Star Date November 2018

Although we’ve come
To the end of the road
Still I can’t let go, it’s natural
You belong to me, I belong to you

Its still not to late to get your names down for Captains Dinner Dance, taking place on November 17th, it is my last official function before my year is through, that’s my little bit of self promotion done.
We have now arrived at my final entry into my Captains Log, what a pleasure and an honour it has been for me to serve as your Club Captain for the past twelve months, I have enjoyed every second of every minute of every hour of every day, and I hope I have bought a little bit of family back into your hearts along the way, because I truly do believe we are one big happy family and like most families we have our ups and downs but we work our way through them and come out smiling the other side.
My thanks goes out to Roy, who has been my right hand man or was it my left hand man throughout my Captains year, yet looking back I think I have been his knees, his shoulder, his back and eventually now his carer, and I will continue to be anything he wants me to be throughout his coming Captains year, and how can I forget your Club President, always there when I needed words of wisdom and advice, and of course all the members of the committee along with the Club Secretary, who have supported me throughout my term, when I wanted to experiment by going outside of the box, these people are the life blood of our club, without their continued dedication we would struggle to get through,
The Golf Club under the stewardship of Kevin and all his staff has continued to be a haven we can all return to when life’s road gets tough and weary, at this point I must just send a big thank you out to David and Sally, who I hope I can now count amongst my many friends, they have both demonstrated throughout the years that you can survive everything life decides to throw at you, please continue to fight on.
There are now just too many thank you’s to name as individuals, so I will just send one great big thank you to you all, you have made my year the best I have ever experienced and I will remember it fondly, and cherish everything about this great club and my captains year, and on into the future. So every time I sit and reminisce, it will be with a tear in my eye, so now all that’s left for me to do is to wish you all a fond farewell and a sad goodbye.
Until we meet up again and this time it will be as your immediate past captain.
Love always Malcolm
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