Update from the Captain

Hi fellow Bishopswood golfers and friends.

This is my first Captains Corner so please be patient until I get in to the swing of things. I am proud to be Bishopswood Captain for this year and although I will not be able to change the path our club is on I hope to offer a small influence on our entertainment and enjoyment of this great golf club.

Whenever I invite visitors to our club or we play golf matches at home I often hear the comment that we are such an amiable club with much friendly banter. This wonderful sociable manner is with the gents, seniors and our lovely ladies. I hope many of you read Captain Malcolm’s final Captains Corner as it epitomises how he and many others feel about this wonderful social group of golfers and family members.

Gill and I were with great friends for a Christmas bash at the club on Saturday 1st December and what a night it was. Swing Band night is an understatement - Swing yes, groove, beat, great sound and singing, terrific company and the best, succulent lamb that I have tasted for years. Wow.
Don’t miss next years – so book early.
I am looking forward to the Mixed Christmas Celebration golf on Wednesday 5th and the Seniors Texas Scramble on Friday 7th although you may not read this essay until after we have played. Why haven’t I issued this Captains Corner on the 1st of December? Well, I was so moved with Captain Malcolm’s last post that I wanted it to be here a little longer. A great Captains’s year by a wonderful Captain and a smashing person, supported by the ideal Captains wife, lovely bubbly Debs.

A new Friday winter competition for you golfers who like to win. Manager Kevin has created a new event for you competitors who like to play golf, but with an edge. Nine holes, every Friday after 12:00. The best 6 cards to score with the winner presented late February.

So, what is coming up for the rest of this year? Well, we have the Captains Drive In. What is it? Well history says that many years ago several potential Captains were gathered and whoever produced the longest drive ended up being the Captain. Remember when the Captain drove off from the second tee? Too dangerous for the spectators so we have adopted the first tee which means an eight iron? Never for me – perhaps a five iron or even a rescue! More important, it is a great day of golf playing a variation of Greensomes called Pinehurst followed by a drink and a snack in our fabulous clubhouse. I, and Vice Captain Gary Clinch, will be playing with the trophy holders Secretary Martin and Shelley. I’m looking forward to their great company.
Then in the early evening we have our famous Bishopswood Christmas draw with a fantastic £1000 first prize that could be spent in hundreds of different shops or online. Wow. What a first prize. Second prize is the latest electric golf trolley with the new lightweight battery all £449’s worth. Then there is the smart tv and the Bluetooth hi-fi system and much, much more. lf that is not enough, we have Billy playing his guitar and singing as if he was a 20 year old. Billy was in recording studios years ago with the great names in the music world and when you listen to him play his guitar and singing you can appreciate the class.
The entertainment is with the best Christmas wishes of the Manager Kevin and the Club. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss a great evening like this.

Christmas is nearly here. If I don”t see you before.
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